And be made in the image of the Fire

Nothing ever scared me much until I started finding out that I was different. The only mistake we do is, get stuck to what's visible. We classify and label and judge on what is mere reflection of inexistent matter. And forego of anything beyond. There's more void than matter, more mind than body, more thought than reality, more possibility than imagination. When I understood this, did I gain courage to accept myself. And when I accepted myself, did I gain power to make my world strong enough, that no condemnation could mortify it. Of the twenty years of my life, I managed to love myself just two. And I am happy that these two years brought me immense compassion and support. I live with my partner, and through the ups and downs, we still sail proud to complete a year this july. And after much discussion I realised it's all the same. Same issues. Same fights. Same tantrums. Same life. Same love. All that I have learned through this journey is that everything is different in the same way, and similar, in a different way. Everything makes sense, just like nothing makes sense. And maybe I don't make sense right now, but that's exactly what love does to you! Fall in love! Those base desires will fade. Nobody will crave a million touches, but that same caress, over and over, a million times. Fall in love with the soul and you will realize, this body is nothing but matter, so nonexistent, unlike passion, so powerfully present. Love, not like the fire that fades, but like the heat that remains, and you will never be ashamed to be yourself.

The firefly

He hails from Nagpur and is a student of dance in Mumbai. Just 19, he lives with his boyfriend and has a very strong conviction to follow his dreams, with love and innocence.