Assorted Poems

Girl, when you

Girl, when you
blow your boy,
or boy, when
you go down
on her, or when
both of you use
a toy, and all the
world's a blur,
I know it feels
like heaven, you
too violate 377.

[Varun is typing]

Varun: Hey how have you been? You know
just last week I had been thinking of you
Varun: Listen hey I'd been meaning to tell you
something for a while but
Varun: Hey I saw you near PVR Saket the other day
and I was going to
Varun: Hi Uday, have you seen Margarita, with a Straw,
Would you want to go this week?
Varun: I don't know how to say this but I'm just going to,
Varun: Hiiiii
Varun: Hi

[Uday is typing]

Uday: Hiiii I'd just been thinking about you, where
have you been
Uday: Hellooooo you, long time!
Uday: Varun!!!
Uday: Hiiii, you know I saw you near PVR Saket
the other day and was going to say hi but

Uday: You know you have a long life, I was just
Uday: Hi

Akhil Katyal

Akhil Katyal is a writer and translator based in Delhi. His first book of poems 'Night Charge Extra' is forthcoming with Writers Workshop in July 2015. He teaches literature at Shiv Nadar University.