The Cage

Perhaps nobody knows flight
better than a caged bird.

An iron cage
almost as beautiful as
the bird's aspirations,
its desires layered with courage,
its fearless determination of a thousand flights
a self robbed of these very abstractions
it finds no names for.

Each day dawns with a plea
for flight
a prayer that the light
may not drain out of its eyes and
when the night
falls, that the bird
may still find home in the cage.
A plea for sight
and for blindness.

And then a chirp and
a long silence
and a chirp yet again.
A plea for freedom and
gratitude for the cage
which if it breaks,
may shock
with flight
with intolerable light
with divine sight.

Perhaps nobody knows flight
worse than a caged bird.

Aditya Shankar

Aditya Shankar, hails from Muzaffarpur, Bihar and is a student at IIT Bombay. He queerly identifies himself as a film-maker, curator, and a political enthusiast. He came out of the closet as a freshman in 2011 which eventually took him to the United Nations General Assembly, New York City. He understands the value of language in making strides for LGBTQ acceptance culminating in the creation of Saathi Connect.